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EtonHouse Qingjianhu hosted its first ever colour run yesterday All the teachers and staff he been hard at work planning and preparing for the colour run As the day of the colour run quickly approached we all held our collected breathes as the weather report for the day did not look very promising When the day finally dawned, the weather could not be more perfect as it started out as a fresh crispy morning with clear blue skies and almost no wind
昨天,EtonHouse青剑湖校区举办了首次Color Run活动。所有的老师和工作人员前期都在努力工作,计划和准备本次活动。随着时间的流逝,我们都憋着一口气,当这一天终于到来的时候,所有参赛人员兴致高昂,碧空如洗晴空万里的好天气,宛如也在给我们加油打气。
The time had finally e and some of the children were shaking with excitement as their teachers led them to the South Playground for the opening ceremony The parents had already arrived ahead of the children so the parents cheered each class as they entered the playground to e and lineup just like in the Olympics Our little Olympians full of courage and stamina entered the playground and assembled for the Colour Run opening ceremony
时间终于到了,老师带着孩子们来到南操场参加开幕式,他们激动得浑身发抖。家长们比孩子们先到,所以当孩子们进入操场时,家长们为他们欢呼,就像在奥运会上一样。我们这些充满勇气和毅力的小奥运健儿们走进操场,集合在一起参加彩色跑的开幕式。 After the weling and introductions by the MCs were done, everyone stood proudly at attention in order to sing the Chinese national anthem The children made us all smile with pride as they sang with such conviction and dedication that it raised everyone’s already high spirits The MCs then explained to everyone that the reason for the colour run is to say goodbye to autumn and to usher winter in, in style EtonHouse also hopes to promote awareness for health and fitness even in the winter It was also a fantastic opportunity for the parents and children to let loose and he a good time together
在主持人的欢迎和介绍结束后,每个人都骄傲地挺直身体,歌唱国歌。孩子们以坚定的信念和奉献精神唱着歌,使我们所有人都自豪地笑了起来,这使每个人本来就高昂的情绪高涨起来。主持人随后向所有人解说,Color Run的原因是告别秋天,迎接冬天的到来。EtonHouse还希望提高所有人对健康和健身的意识,即使是在冬天。对于家长和孩子们来说,这也是一个放松自己,共度美好时光的绝佳机会。 The next part, after a thank you to our principal Sally, was to wele brother Apple to the stage to do some warm up and stretching dances as we did not want anyone to get muscle cramps during the run The children were ecstatic to see brother Apple and everyone danced with so much enthusiasm that it inspired even some of the parents to dance too
Some announcements and safety concerns were shared with everyone before the real fun could begin By this time everyone was on their toes with excitement ready to get the main attraction started It was finally time to throw the colour powder into the air and revel in the different colours 3 ,2, 1 and there was a huge explosion of colour as a rainbow cloud covered the whole South playground and there was anized pandemonium as all the children and parents ran around trying to get as much coloured powder all over themselves and friends This made for a spectacular picture
From there we all filed off class-by-class to the starting line The anticipation at the start line for the two kilometer marathon permeated the air as all were eager to start and then they were off It was a grueling two kilometers for some as they were quite young and for some it was a refreshing jog through our beautiful park near the school The children showed tremendous courage and good sportsmanship throughout the run real_src ="http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/s16sinaimg/mw690/003NA6tfzy7y2eLBSDZ0f&690" NAME="image_operate_3581571887168649" WIDTH="690" HEIGHT="1284" ALT="伊顿青剑湖|一场五彩缤纷的马拉松,一次心与心零距离的温馨交流" TITLE="伊顿青剑湖|一场五彩缤纷的马拉松,一次心与心零距离的温馨交流" /> The closing ceremony started with a few quick words from our principal Sally and then it was time to announce the first thirty children to cross the finish line Ten gold, ten silver and ten bronze medals were awarded along with a certificate We must remember that this was not a petition so everyone who participated received a participation medal because finishing a marathon makes you a winner
It was then time to fill our empty stomachs with a delicious cold buffet specially prepared by our EtonHouse kitchen When tummies were full it was finally time to head home for a well deserved rest
The EtonHouse Qingjianhu Colour Run was more than we could ever hoped for and more as it brought all the teachers, parents and most importantly the children real_src ="http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/s13sinaimg/mw690/003NA6tfzy7y2faa5SQ4c&690" NAME="image_operate_65651571887364474" WIDTH="690" HEIGHT="518" ALT="伊顿青剑湖|一场五彩缤纷的马拉松,一次心与心零距离的温馨交流" TITLE="伊顿青剑湖|一场五彩缤纷的马拉松,一次心与心零距离的温馨交流" /> 报名信息登记请扫描

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